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10 KPIs that Construction Sites can meet with viAct’s Construction Management Software

viAct Construction Jobsite Management Software for Better KPI, Workforce Safety and Documentation

From the viewpoint of construction, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help the stakeholders understand how successful their project has been. It enables them analyze how different sections of the construction site are performing. There are several KPIs in a construction jobsite and each of them is important for the overall success of the projects.

This blog is an attempt at discussing the 10 KPIs that the construction sites can achieve and enhance with viAct. And here we go.

KPI 1: Automatic Safety Audits
Automatic Safety Audits for Construction Jobsites with viHUB to ensure Digital Works Supervision System​ (DWSS)

Construction jobsites being vulnerable to accidents, safety audits constitutes a crucial element. These audits help in reducing the hazards, injuries and accidents in the construction sites. viAct’s smart AI cameras and integrated dashboard, eases the task of the safety auditors. The cameras monitor the jobsites 24*7 and captures smart insights which are recorded and showcased through an intuitive UI via. viAct’s integrated dashboard. The daily alerts summary in the dashboard not only helps the Safety Auditors in their task of safety auditing, rather also facilitates all levels of the stakeholders to keep a check on the all the safety non-compliances taking place in the jobsite on an everyday basis.

KPI 2: Remote and On-site Collaboration & Communication
Remote and On-site Collaboration & Communication for Construction Jobsites

Collaboration and communication amongst all the stakeholders – remote as well as on-site – is an important performance indicator. Understanding this well, viAct has trained and tested its 30+ AI modules to detect any non-compliance and send real-time, automatic and instant alerts to the stakeholders – both on-site and remote, via. SMS, email or instant messaging app - to avoid any mishappening from taking place. Further, these alerts get recorded in the integrated dashboard that helps all stakeholders to stay collaborated and remain in communication throughout construction process.

KPI 3: Flawless Dispute Resolution
Flawless Construction Dispute Resolution with viAct to ensure on time construction project completion in Singapore

Disputes such as vandalism, theft and accidents are very common in construction sites and can potentially have far-reaching impacts on the project in the form of costs and delays. Thus, proper dispute resolution is very important. However this seeks for proper evidences. In this regards, viAct’s smart AI cameras can be helpful by providing round-the-clock surveillance of the jobsites. Further, the audio-visual insights captured by the cameras are stored in viAct’s cloud platform and the stakeholders can review them anytime, anywhere and from any date range to investigate any dispute that had taken place in the jobsite. Thus, with viAct, the contractors working on site and high managerial working remotely in the construction companies can have visual evidences of any dispute occurring in the construction jobsites.

KPI 4: Optimization of Workflow & Prevention of Redundancies
Optimization of Workflow & Prevention of Redundancies and  Rework in Construction with viAct Construction Management Software

Construction jobsite is a storehouse of data and the available data helps in defining possible risks, improving project management and reducing the time and cost spent while working on a project. Proper analysis of the existing data helps the construction companies have a better chance to plan and predict more profitable and prospective projects for implementation. This is where viAct’s Overview & Trend Card plays a crucial role. The card enables the users to review the data anytime, anywhere so as to visualize past trends and thus accordingly formulate future plans, thus optimizing the workflow and preventing of redundancies in the construction jobsite.

KPI 5: Improved Jobsite Processes & Productivity
Construction Productivity Tracking, Progress Monitoring and Workforce Productivity Reporting with viAct Construction Project Management Software

With viAct, the stakeholders not only receive instant, automatic and real-time alerts of any non-compliances detected in the jobsite to avoid any mishappening from taking place; but they can also extract reports anytime – in the form of PDFs – of these alerts recorded in viAct’ integrated dashboard by selecting any date range. This helps the Managers, Site Inspectors, Contractors and other stakeholders to improve the jobsite processes and enhances construction productivity with 360° PROGRESS TRACKING.

KPI 6: Spotting Unsafe Areas and Mitigation of Risks
Construction Video Analytics Solution for Singapore Construction Jobsites to ensure safety of workplace

The construction industry measures safety performance through lagging indicators such as counting numbers of illnesses, injuries, and fatalities. The graphical representation of computationally identified safety performance indictors on building information models allows automatically generated personalized safety performance reports of the construction job-sites. viAct’s construction video analytics solution creates these heat maps on the 3D BIM model that helps construction stakeholders like contractors and safety engineers to spot the most vulnerable areas in the job-site in order to take appropriate actions to prevent casualties and mitigate risks.

KPI 7: Streamlining & Strengthening Jobsite Progress Management
Construction Jobsite Progress Monitoring with viAct to ensure less rework and on time project delivery in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai and Saudi Arabia

viAct’s offers to its clients the facility of Time Lapse Videos that helps them to streamline and strengthen jobsite progress management. The Time lapse video offers a unique way of documenting the key milestones of a building and demolition project, as they bring them to life in the form of short-video. Further, these videos also facilitate site monitoring as they allow remote access to ‘live’ sites through an online viewer. In this regards, viAct’s AI-enabled cameras and the integrated dashboard play a crucial role. The AI cameras undergo 24*7 monitoring of the construction jobsite thus allowing the Site Inspectors, Contractors and Owners to oversee work, track construction project progress and pay close attention to the details with the smart insights captured by these cameras and recorded in the integrated dashboard, ultimately helping streamline and strengthen the jobsite progress management.

KPI 8: Early Risk Detection & Management
Safety non-compliance and risk detection for construction jobsites by viAct is operational in Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and United Kingdom for various construction projects

The construction jobsites being prone to heavy risks, even the smallest of carelessness can incur heavy costs on the construction company. Thus, early detection and management of accidents is crucial to avoid them from occurring. Recognizing the importance of early risk detection, viAct has designed each of its 30+ modules with the feature of on-site real-time alarms. How this feature works is: as soon as the AI & computer vision enabled cameras detect any safety non-compliance at construction jobsite, say a worker without safety jacket, or any instance of danger zone intrusion, and the like, instant on-site alarms are sent out, thus alerting the on-site stakeholders of the safety non-compliance so as to prevent accidents from taking place before it is too late.

KPI 9: Strengthening Planning & Improving ROI
Strengthening Construction Project Planning & Improving ROI with viAct Construction Jobsite Remote Monitoring

viAct’s integration with Autodesk Forge® and Autodesk Construction Cloud® has enabled viAct to build a holistic end-to-end Digital Twin and AI solution with Autodesk’s BIM360®, enabling the clients to view their construction site in a 3D space. Building Information Modeling or BIM is a highly collaborative process that allows the architects, engineers, real estate developers, contractors, manufacturers, and other construction professionals to plan, design, and constructs a structure or building within 3D model. Further, this integration has given an extra dimension to the clients by enabling them to visualize the real-time happenings surrounding their construction project. Thus, with viAct, owners, contractors, managers and other stakeholders can strengthen their construction project planning and improve ROI using the IoT& 3D BIM.

KPI 10: Minimizing On-site Infrastructure & Setup Cost
Construction Jobsite Productivity and Safety with viAct Construction Management Software in Singapore

A huge number of tasks keep taking place in the construction jobsite and each of themed to be monitored effectively to ensure the safety and productivity in the jobsite. However, it is not feasible to allot a single camera for a single task. Understanding this fact well, viAct has developed its AI solution in such a way that a single camera can detect multiple tasks, all at the same time and with the same efficiency. Moreover, what makes viAct even unique is that all the AI detections can be performed very seamlessly by the existing CCTV cameras and/or even the mobile phone cameras. In other words, with viAct, the clients can enhance the safety and productivity of construction jobsites that too in a minimal onsite infrastructure and setup cost.

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