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Guide to Choose Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites

Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites, Video Surveillance System (VSS)
Guide to Choose Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites

The construction sites today are guided with many compliances and regulatory implications. It is crucial to understand how every area in the site is progressing and all this while maintaining the set protocols. In this consideration, the emergence of Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites act as an armour to monitor each and every corner of the site. Video Surveillance System (VSS) is a cutting-edge solution revolutionizing how construction sites are monitored and managed.


The Video Surveillance System employs state-of-the-art cameras strategically positioned throughout the site, offering comprehensive coverage of every corner and activity. These cameras are equipped with advanced video analytics capabilities, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis of on-site operations.


With Video Surveillance System in construction, managers gain unparalleled visibility into ongoing activities, ensuring adherence to safety protocols, compliance with regulations, and the prevention of unauthorized access. Moreover, the system's intelligent alerting mechanism promptly notifies supervisors of any potential risks or security breaches, enabling swift intervention and resolution.


In the construction sites of Singapore, any site having a project value of $5 million and above must use Video Surveillance System (VSS) mandatorily from June 2024. This has been suggested by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) in order to provide a real time continuous monitoring in the locations of high risk activities.

Video Surveillance System for Construction, Video Surveillance System
5 Ways to Choose the Best Video Surveillance System for Construction

  1. Comprehensive Coverage Assessment: Ensure that the Video Surveillance System (VSS) provides comprehensive coverage of the construction site, including all critical areas and potential points of entry. It must be able to verify that there are no blind spots or gaps in the surveillance.

  2. Scalability and Flexibility: Select a VSS that is scalable and adaptable to accommodate the evolving needs of the construction project. As the world is changing constantly due to the technological emergence, the system should be capable of expanding its coverage area and accommodating additional cameras or features as the project progresses.

  3. Integration with Other Systems: It is crucial that the Video Surveillance System seamlessly integrates with other existing systems and technologies deployed on the construction site, such as access control systems, alarm systems, cameras and project management software. Integration ensures smooth data sharing and collaboration across various platforms.

  4. Remote Monitoring and Management: It is essential to choose a VSS that enables remote monitoring and management capabilities, allowing construction managers and security personnel to access live video feeds, receive alerts, and manage system settings from anywhere, anytime, via mobile devices or desktop computers.

  5. Compliance with Regulations and Standards: Ensuring that the selected VSS complies with relevant regulations, standards, and industry guidelines governing surveillance systems in construction settings is required. This includes considerations for data privacy, video retention periods, image quality, and cybersecurity measures to safeguard sensitive footage.

Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites, Video Surveillance System
Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites

Do you know viAct’s Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites there can be 60% reduction in reporting time?

viAct is a pioneer in scenario - based vision intelligence and offers an accurate and highly effective Video Surveillance System for Construction Sites. The system allows the use of construction data to reduce the non-productive hours per worker from 3 hours to only 30 minutes. viAct's Video Surveillance System (VSS) stands out as a comprehensive solution designed to meet the essential guidelines for construction site surveillance. With a focus on safety, security, and operational efficiency, viAct's VSS offers a range of features tailored to address the unique challenges of construction environments while ensuring compliance with regulations and industry standards.

5 Reasons to Choose viAct’s Video Surveillance System

  1. viAct's VSS provides extensive coverage of construction sites, with zero blind spots through more than 100 computer vision check points. It ensures that all critical areas are monitored effectively. The system utilizes strategically placed cameras equipped with advanced optics and intelligent video analytics to capture real-time footage of various zones, including entry points, storage areas, and high-risk locations.

  2. Scalability and flexibility are key attributes of viAct's VSS, allowing it to adapt to the changing needs of construction projects. Whether it's expanding coverage to accommodate larger sites or integrating additional cameras and sensors, viAct's VSS can seamlessly scale up to meet evolving requirements, ensuring continuous surveillance without disruptions.

  3. Integration with other systems is another strength of viAct's VSS, enabling seamless interoperability with existing construction management platforms, access control systems, and IoT devices. This integration facilitates data sharing, streamlines workflows, and enhances collaboration among project stakeholders, ultimately improving overall project coordination and efficiency. It utilises the existing cameras on site for monitoring and smoothly integrates inti the existing conditions at work.

  4. Remote monitoring and management capabilities further enhance viAct's VSS, empowering construction managers and security personnel to oversee site activities from anywhere, at any time. The Generative AI  powered dashboard offers access to the supervisors and workers to live video feeds, receive real-time alerts, and adjust system settings remotely, ensuring proactive monitoring and rapid response to security incidents or safety concerns.

  5. Lastly, viAct's VSS prioritizes compliance with regulations and standards governing surveillance systems in construction settings. It can address any unsafe practices through a data driven insights.  By adhering to data privacy regulations, video retention policies, image quality standards, and cyber security best practices, viAct ensures that its VSS meets the highest industry standards while safeguarding sensitive footage and protecting against potential security threats. It can actively monitor the safety breaches in the construction site such as PPE non-compliance, danger zone intrusion, slip, trips & falls and even confined space monitoring.

viAct's Video Surveillance System offers a comprehensive solution that addresses the essential guidelines for construction site surveillance, providing robust coverage, scalability, integration capabilities, remote monitoring features, and compliance with regulations. With viAct's VSS, construction projects can benefit from enhanced safety, security, and operational efficiency throughout the project lifecycle.


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