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How Does Automated Construction Monitoring Meet the Needs of Modern Construction Jobsites?

Automated Construction Monitoring for Safety, Productivity and Environmental Compliance in Modern Construction Jobsites
How Does Automated Construction Monitoring Meet the Needs of Modern Construction Jobsites?

The construction industry has undergone significant changes in the recent years, driven by technology, innovation, and a growing demand for sustainability. Modern construction, as is self-explanatory, refers to the present state of construction practices and technologies that are used during construction processes – starting from designing to building structures.

It involves the use of advanced building materials, advanced methods and technologies like AI for workplace safety, Internet-of-Things (IoT), robotics, video analytics for construction safety, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and the like to make built structures more energy-efficient, durable & sustainable. Thus, with the changes in methods, materials & techniques in construction, the needs of modern construction jobsites have also undergone significant changes.

This blog thus attempts at discussing the needs of a modern construction jobsite and how automated construction monitoring can meet these needs.

What are the Needs of a Modern Construction Jobsite?

Automated Construction Monitoring for Safety Productivity and ESG needs of modern construction  jobsites
Needs of a Modern Construction Jobsite

Modern construction jobsites generally give a greater importance to sustainable approaches/ practices of construction like use of renewable sources, carbon footprints monitoring, recycling materials and so on. In addition to this, ‘safety’ is yet another priority in modern construction jobsites. For this purpose, advanced safety equipment and techniques to protect workers and prevent accidents on jobsites are highly used. Again, digital tools such as BIM and construction management software are also used to optimize construction processes and ensure timely completion of projects.

Thus, in a nutshell, the needs of the modern construction jobsites can be summarized as under:

  • Safety in Construction: Safety is a matter of top priority in a modern jobsite, construction without being an exception. PPEs like hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, boots and such others are thus crucial in modern construction jobsites.

  • Advanced Technologies: The next important need of a modern construction jobsite is technology. Technology that allows efficient project management, and effective collaboration & communication, like construction management software, 3D Modelling software, Workplace Safety Software, etc. are becoming increasingly important in modern construction jobsites.

  • Remote Jobsite Monitoring: A new trend observed in the workplaces including construction, especially in the post-pandemic era, is that of remote jobsite monitoring. It involves the use of technology to remotely monitor and track activities and conditions in the construction sites, including real-time equipment monitoring, safety & productivity compliance monitoring, automated construction documentation and many more.

  • Effective Communication & Collaboration: The success of construction projects relies much on effective communication & collaboration. Regular team meetings, clear & transparent communication of goals, updates & deadlines as well as quick & efficient dispute / issue resolution are important in this regard.

  • Sustainable & Eco-friendly Practices: As environmental protection is at the top of head of all, modern construction sites are increasingly adopting eco-friendly practices such as reduction of wastes generated, recycled materials, and sources of green energy to name a few.

How Automated Construction Monitoring Can Meet the Needs of Modern Construction Jobsites?

AI Monitoring Solutions for Automated Construction Safety Monitoring, Productivity Monitoring in Construction and Remote Jobsite Monitoring
Automated Construction Monitoring for Modern Construction Jobsites

The diversified needs of the modern construction sites are so complex that it is beyond human capabilities to fulfil these needs effectively. Thus, in this regard, automated construction monitoring is emerging with much potential to meet the emerging needs of modern construction jobsites. Automated construction monitoring like the one offered by viAct leverages the power of video analytics for workplace safety to fulfil the needs of modern construction jobsites in the following ways:

  • Automated Construction Safety Monitoring: The Smart Site Safety System (SSSS) offered by the workplace safety software presents the modern way of locking safety in construction jobsite. Leveraging the power of video analytics for construction safety, the SSSS helps automatically detect whether or not workers are wearing (proper) PPE through the PPE Detection Solution for Construction. Similarly, the hazardous area access control helps to detect any instance of danger zone intrusion and send out real-time alerts using the danger zone alert system. Further, automated monitoring of work at height safety helps prevent falls from height (FFH). Thus, automated construction monitoring allows stakeholders to monitor different aspects of safety in construction jobsite to ensure fool-proof construction site safety.

  • Productivity Monitoring in Construction: Automated construction monitoring using the construction management software enables productivity tracking of construction workforce as well as machineries. It can detect instances of workers’ and machinery unproductivity through idling and operation hours monitoring and record all the data in the centralized management platform for construction. Further, by using the data analysis reports from the digital works supervision system (DWSS), stakeholders can know about the project progress and they can use this information for better planning of men & material. All this ultimately contribute towards escalating construction productivity.

  • Automated Construction Documentation & Recording: Construction documentation is a herculean task that can be made easy using the centralized management platform. All the insights captured by the smart AI cameras, say instances of safety, productivity & environmental non-compliances, project progress and the like are automatically recoded in the cloud platform. The concerned stakeholders can view these anytime later and from anywhere using the construction management app or the AI monitoring platform. Further, it also offers the stakeholders a common integrated platform to come together and discuss about their project as well as make updates. All these makes the traditionally laborious task of construction documentation, automatic and way easier.

  • Remote & On-site Communication & Collaboration: Smooth-running communications are crucial to make sure that all the information is accessible to different levels of stakeholders. Streamlined communications also helps ensure that stakeholders are well- equipped with up-to-date information of their construction projects to better manage safety, productivity and environmental non-compliances in the construction jobsite occurring anytime. This is made possible through the centralized management platform offered by the construction management software. It acts as a single platform for all levels of stakeholders for all the health and safety data, reports and visual insights, thus facilitating construction project management.

Thus, it can be concluded that, with the advancement in time, the materials and methods used in construction are undergoing a change and so are changing the needs of modern construction jobsites. In this regard, automated construction monitoring using the construction management software is emerging as the best fit solution to meet the ever-growing needs of the modern construction jobsites.


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