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Unlocking Root Causes: AI Video Analytics in Manufacturing

AI Video Analytics in Manufacturing, AI Video Analytics
Unlocking Root Causes: AI Video Analytics in Manufacturing

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, efficiency and precision are key. With complex processes and numerous variables at play, identifying and addressing root causes of issues can be a challenging task. Enter AI video analytics – a revolutionary tool that is transforming the manufacturing landscape by unlocking the root causes of inefficiencies and problems, ensuring smoother operations and higher productivity.

The Manufacturing Challenge

Manufacturing processes are inherently complex, involving multiple stages, intricate machinery, and a significant human workforce. Even minor issues can cause major disruptions, leading to downtime, quality control problems, and increased costs. Traditionally, identifying the root cause of these issues relied on manual inspections and reactive troubleshooting, which are often time-consuming and prone to human error.


This is where AI video analytics steps in, offering a proactive, accurate, and efficient solution. Additionally, worker safety—a critical aspect of manufacturing—benefits significantly from the implementation of video analytics, ensuring a safer working environment.


In a recent accident in Singapore, a lorry driver met his death while being engaged in forklifting operation at a worksite. The company compensated an amount of US$4500 by Ministry of Manpower in 2022.


Such incidents often exist in the manufacturing floors where every minute mistake can lead to a fatality. viAct in its endeavour is working continuously towards achieving manufacturing safety with its AI-based accurate monitoring system that capture different aspects of a factory floor. Its solution enforces a smart factory and prevents any mishaps across areas by identifying the root causes at the first go.


Whether it is a manufacturing unit in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia or Dubai, viAct’s AI-powered solution encompasses the safety compliance measures and integrates itself according to it.


viAct's AI powered safety monitoring transforms root cause analysis in manufacturing by providing comprehensive insights and proactive solutions. Here’s how it facilitates effective root cause analysis for manufacturing safety:

Manufacturing Safety, Root Cause Analysis for Manufacturing Safety
Effective root cause analysis for manufacturing safety

1. Continuous Real-Time Monitoring

AI-powered cameras monitor manufacturing processes 24/7, detecting deviations from standard procedures immediately. This continuous surveillance ensures that any deviations from the set operational standards are captured instantaneously. By having a constant eye on the production line, issues can be identified as soon as they occur, allowing for immediate intervention. This level of monitoring helps in maintaining consistent quality and operational efficiency, preventing small problems from escalating into major disruptions.

2. Automated Anomaly Detection

The system identifies irregularities and potential issues in real-time, allowing for quick identification and response to problems. The AI-based video analytics leverages sophisticated algorithms to detect anomalies that human operators might miss. For instance, the system can recognize subtle changes in machinery performance or variations in production speed that indicate potential issues. By automating anomaly detection, the system ensures that problems are flagged as soon as they arise, enabling swift corrective actions and minimizing downtime.

3. Pattern Recognition

AI analyzes historical data to identify recurring patterns and trends that may indicate underlying issues. By examining past performance data, the AI can uncover patterns that might not be immediately apparent. For example, if a particular machine consistently exhibits issues after a certain number of operating hours, the AI can identify this pattern and suggest pre-emptive maintenance. Pattern recognition helps in understanding the root causes of recurring problems and in developing strategies to mitigate them while devising an automated incident analysis and reporting.

4. Detailed Incident Analysis

By reviewing video footage, AI pinpoints the exact moment and conditions under which a problem occurred, providing a clear timeline of events. This capability is crucial for root cause analysis as it allows for a precise reconstruction of events leading up to an incident. Detailed incident analysis helps in understanding not just what went wrong, but also why it happened. This comprehensive understanding aids in implementing effective solutions to prevent future occurrences by using instances such as forklifting monitoring systems or analysing slip, trips & falls records.

5. Predictive Insights

The system predicts potential failures by analyzing data trends, enabling preventive actions before issues escalate. Predictive insights are generated by analyzing patterns and trends within the operational data. This foresight allows manufacturers to address issues before they become critical, thus avoiding unexpected breakdowns and associated downtime. By leveraging predictive insights, manufacturers can schedule maintenance activities more effectively and ensure uninterrupted production.

6. Enhanced Quality Control

AI identifies defects and inconsistencies during production, ensuring quality issues are addressed at the source. Quality control is a vital aspect of manufacturing, and  AI-powered analytics excels in this area by continuously monitoring production for defects. The system can detect minute inconsistencies in products that may indicate a defect, allowing for immediate corrective action. This proactive approach to quality control ensures that only products meeting the highest standards reach the market.

7. Comprehensive Data Correlation

Integrates video data with other operational data to provide a holistic view of processes, aiding in thorough root cause analysis. viAct’s AI system doesn’t just rely on video footage; it integrates this with other relevant data such as machine logs, production schedules, fleet management, theft or security breaches and environmental monitoring. This comprehensive data correlation provides a holistic view of the manufacturing process, making it easier to identify the root causes of issues. By seeing the full picture, manufacturers can develop more effective solutions to complex problems.

8. Efficient Troubleshooting

Reduces the time needed for manual inspections and troubleshooting, allowing for quicker resolution of issues. Traditional troubleshooting methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive. AI video analytics streamlines this process by quickly identifying the root cause of problems, significantly reducing the time needed for manual inspections. The intuitive dashboard- viHUB enables the gathering of all information at one place making the process further easier. This efficiency allows for faster resolution of issues, minimizing downtime and maintaining production schedules.

9. Proactive Maintenance

By identifying early signs of equipment wear and tear, AI enables predictive maintenance, minimizing unexpected downtime. Proactive maintenance is about staying ahead of problems, and  AI-powered video analytics excels at this. The system continuously monitors equipment for signs of wear and tear, predicting when maintenance will be needed. This proactive approach ensures that maintenance can be performed before a failure occurs, thus avoiding unexpected downtime and extending the lifespan of equipment.

10. Improved Safety Compliance

Ensures adherence to safety protocols by detecting unsafe behaviors and conditions, preventing accidents and enhancing worker safety. Worker safety is paramount in manufacturing, and  AI powered safety monitoring helps maintain high safety standards. The system monitors compliance with safety protocols, detecting PPE compliance, confined space monitoring,  danger zone alerts, and unsafe behaviors or conditions in real-time. Immediate alerts are sent to supervisors, allowing for quick intervention to prevent accidents. This focus on safety not only protects workers but also fosters a culture of safety within the organization.

viAct’s AI AI-powered analytics offers a comprehensive suite of tools for effective root cause analysis in manufacturing. By providing continuous monitoring, automated anomaly detection, detailed incident analysis, and predictive insights, the system ensures that manufacturers can maintain high levels of efficiency, quality, and safety.


Does viAct’s manufacturing safety solution interest you?


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