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What are the Key Features of Safety Inspection Software Ideal for Saudi Arabia?

Features of Safety Inspection Software
What are the Key Features of Safety Inspection Software Ideal for Saudi Arabia?

Safety inspection software is becoming increasingly important in Saudi Arabia's industrial sectors. This technology plays an essential role in maintaining high safety standards, especially in the wake of the country's impressive reduction in work-related injuries in the early months of 2023. This achievement highlights the growing need for advanced safety measures in workplaces across Saudi Arabia.

One of the major developments in the region is the Neom project. As the most prominent among Saudi Arabia's ambitious giga-projects, Neom stands out not just for its size but also for the attention it attracts. This project, part of a larger vision for the future, reflects the country's commitment to evolving beyond its traditional reliance on oil.

This commitment is further emphasised by Vision 2030, a strategic initiative launched by the Saudi government in 2016. The plan aims to diversify the nation's economy and reduce its dependency on oil. In this context, implementing a safety monitoring system using AI becomes crucial. Such a system ensures that the rapid industrial growth aligns with the highest safety standards, protecting the workforce and supporting sustainable development.

The integration of AI in safety systems marks a significant step forward in realising the goals of Vision 2030, promising a safer and more efficient industrial environment in Saudi Arabia.

5 Key Features of Safety Inspection Software

Safety inspection software has become a vital tool in modern industries, especially in a rapidly developing country like Saudi Arabia. With the growing complexity of industrial operations, the need for efficient and effective safety measures is more important than ever. This software not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also enhances the overall safety culture within organisations. Here are five key features of safety inspection software ideal for Saudi Arabia:

Centralized Management Platform (CMP) for Automated Documentation & Reporting

A Centralized Management System (CMP) serves as a centralized hub for organizing, storing, and accessing safety related data in a safety inspection software. This is a cornerstone feature of safety inspection software as it streamlines data flow, enhances collaboration, and ensures real-time information sharing among stakeholders, optimizing project efficiency and decision-making within the project.

For industries in Saudi Arabia, where compliance with safety regulations is essential, this feature is invaluable. It reduces the time and effort required to produce detailed reports, ensures accuracy in data collection, and maintains a clear record for auditing purposes. Automated systems also minimise human error, ensuring that critical safety information is not overlooked or incorrectly reported. This leads to a more efficient workflow, allowing safety managers to focus on proactive safety measures rather than being bogged down with paperwork.

Smart Site Safety System (4S) with Advanced Video Analytics

A smart site safety system (SSSS) integrates video analytics into safety inspection software, enhancing real-time monitoring and hazard detection. Particularly relevant in Saudi Arabia, where video analytics for government and public safety projects are gaining momentum, this feature offers several benefits.

For instance, viAct employs advanced algorithms to analyse video footage in real-time. This allows for the immediate identification of potential safety hazards, such as unauthorised personnel in restricted areas or equipment malfunctions.

Key points of video analytics include:

●     Real-time monitoring of work environments to detect safety hazards.

●     Analysis of patterns over time to identify recurring safety issues.

●     Enhanced ability to respond quickly to detected anomalies.

Digital Work Supervision System (DWSS) for Real-Time Alerts and Notifications

A Digital Work Supervision System (DWSS) is an exclusive feature of safety inspection software that generates real-time alerts and notifications to relevant personnel when a potential hazard is detected. Real-time alerts and notifications are essential in ensuring immediate response to potential safety issues. This feature of safety inspection software sends instant alerts.

Saudi Arabia being a hub of complex industrial landscapes with construction & oil & gas being at the top, the concerns for near-miss and a serious accident is obvious. Alerts can be customised to the specific needs of an industry, ensuring that they are relevant and actionable.

This immediate communication helps in quickly addressing issues before they escalate, thereby enhancing the overall safety of the workplace.

Digital Permit-To-Work (PTW) for Project Control Center (PCC)

The Digital Permit-To-Work (PTW) system revolutionizes safety inspections in Saudi Arabia's critical worksites by offering a cutting-edge feature within project control centers (PCC). This innovative software ensures comprehensive safety protocols and regulatory compliance through a streamlined, digital platform. By digitizing the PTW process, it optimizes efficiency, reduces paperwork, and enhances safety measures, making it an invaluable asset in high-risk industrial environments.

In Saudi Arabia's critical worksites, this digital PTW solution integrates real-time monitoring, risk assessment, and authorization processes. It empowers project control centers to oversee and manage permits seamlessly, fostering a safer work environment.

These safety inspection software's user-friendly interface and robust functionalities cater to the specific safety standards of Saudi Arabia's industries, ensuring adherence to regulations while boosting productivity as well.

Digital EHSS Monitoring Platform for Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring capabilities, an integral part of Digital EHSS Monitoring, play a crucial role in modern safety inspection software. This feature enables continuous monitoring of environmental conditions such as air quality, noise levels, and temperature - factors that are crucial in industries like oil and gas or chemical manufacturing.

By constantly monitoring these environmental parameters, the software can help in pre-emptively identifying conditions that may lead to health or safety hazards. This proactive approach to environmental safety ensures that potential issues can be addressed before they pose a risk to employees or the environment.

Each of these features contributes significantly to the efficacy of safety inspection software, ensuring that industries in Saudi Arabia can maintain high safety standards while keeping pace with technological advancements and regulatory requirements.

Which Saudi Arabian Industries Have Benefited Most from Advanced Safety Inspection Software?

In Saudi Arabia, advanced safety inspection software has revolutionised how industries approach workplace safety. With the integration of AI and other modern technologies, these tools have significantly improved safety standards across various sectors.

Here's a look at how different industries have benefited:


The construction industry in Saudi Arabia has seen remarkable improvements with the use of safety inspection software. These tools have been instrumental in monitoring job sites, ensuring compliance with safety regulations, and reducing accident rates.

By using safety monitoring systems that utilise AI, construction sites can detect potential hazards in real-time, like unsafe worker behaviour or equipment misuse, leading to immediate corrective actions.

Oil and Gas

Safety inspection software for the oil and gas industry is particularly critical due to the high-risk nature of the work. In this sector, the software is used to monitor complex operations and manage safety data effectively. It helps in identifying potential hazards, like gas leaks or equipment failures, quickly and accurately.

The use of AI in these systems has made it possible to predict and prevent incidents before they occur, significantly enhancing worker safety.


In the manufacturing sector, safety inspection software for the manufacturing industry plays a pivotal role in maintaining a safe working environment. It helps in ensuring machinery is operating safely and that the workplace adheres to safety standards.

AI-driven monitoring systems can spot irregularities in machine performance or employee behaviour that might indicate a safety risk, allowing for prompt intervention.


The mining industry benefits greatly from advanced safety inspection software. These tools help in monitoring underground conditions, equipment status, and worker safety.

By continuously analysing data from various sources, these systems can alert managers to potential risks like structural weaknesses or hazardous air quality, thereby preventing accidents and ensuring the safety of the miners.


In transportation, safety inspection software enhances the monitoring of vehicle conditions, compliance with safety regulations, and driver behaviour. This is crucial for ensuring the safety of not just the drivers but also the goods they transport and the general public on the roads.

How Does viAct Contribute to Advancing Safety Inspection Technologies?

viAct is at the forefront of enhancing safety inspection technologies with its scenario-based AI video analytics powered safety inspection software. This approach uses advanced algorithms to analyse video footage from workplaces, identifying potential safety hazards that might be missed by the human eye.

By focusing on video analytics for workplace safety, viAct provides an added layer of security and oversight. Their systems can recognize specific scenarios that pose safety risks, like unauthorised access to restricted areas or failure to use personal protective equipment, and alert management in real-time.

This proactive approach to safety management plays a crucial role in preventing accidents and ensuring a safer working environment.


Want to take your safety performance to new levels?

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