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Championing Workplace Safety & Sustainability: viAct's Tech Pioneer Honor by World Economic Forum

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Championing Workplace Safety & Sustainability: viAct's Tech Pioneer Honor by World Economic Forum

In today’s rapidly evolving world, technological advancements are transforming and reshaping the manner in which industries work. In such an era of advanced technologies, it has become pretty imperative to prioritize workplace safety and sustainability. As now, more and more organizations strive to augment safety and create more sustainable work environments, the need and the importance of innovative solutions cannot be overstated. In this regard, viAct, has recently been recognized as the “Technology Pioneer” by the World Economic Forum (WEF) for its exceptional contributions in championing workplace safety and sustainability.

viAct’s Technological Breakthrough

viAct, a leading AI company providing “Scenario-based Vision Intelligence” solutions for empowering safety, enhancing productivity and ensuring environmental compliances in the workplaces, have received accolades for its innovative technology. By leveraging the power of AI & computer vision, viAct AI monitoring platform equips companies to monitor and analyze their jobsites round-the-clock to identify and detect any potential safety hazards, mitigate risks, and prevent accidents. viAct’s AI monitoring platform utilizes the video feeds captured by the existing security cameras, enabling organizations to tap into their existing infrastructure and transform it into a powerful safety and sustainability tool.

viAct has developed 50+ AI modules that leverage AI video analytics to detect any safety, productivity or environmental non-compliance in the jobsites. viAct’s AI-powered safety solutions include Smart Site Safety System (4S), PPE Detection, Hazardous Area Access Control, Confined Space Work Safety, Work at Height Safety Solutions, and the like. Similarly, it also has a number of productivity solutions like Vehicle License Detection, Excavation Progress Tracking, Workers & Machinery Productivity Tracking, and the like. The environmental monitoring solutions offered by viAct are also diverse, that includes Air Quality Detection, Dump Truck Management, Illegal Dumping Detection, etc.

With the ability to detect unsafe behavior, hazardous situations, and non-compliances, viAct’s AI monitoring platform ensures proactive intervention, allowing companies to prevent accidents before they occur. The smart technological solutions not only safeguard employees’ well-being, but also minimizes downtime and associated costs. Again, the intelligent monitoring system, also helps companies to optimize their resource usage, reduce wastes, and adopt sustainable practices. By helping companies monitor their energy consumption, track environmental impact, and identify opportunities for operational improvements, allows them align with sustainability goals.

Moreover, viAct’s centralized management platform provides valuable insights and data analytics, enabling organizations to identify patterns and areas of improvement to optimize safety, productivity and environmental protocols in their jobsites.

The Tech Pioneer Honor

Being recognized as a Tech Pioneer by the prestigious World Economic Forum (WEF) is a remarkable achievement for viAct as it gives recognition to viAct’s dedication towards advancing workplace safety and sustainability through its innovative technological solutions. Gary Ng, CEO of viAct, while expressing his joy and gratitude for this achievement stated, “We are humbled and profoundly grateful for our selection as a Technology Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. This recognition from WEF reaffirms our unwavering commitment to forge ahead, harnessing the power of AI video analytics, to create safer and sustainable workplaces.” In the same line, Hugo Cheuk, COO of viAct shared, “this achievement fills me with a sense honor and gratitude, not only for the tireless efforts of our exceptional team, but also for the opportunity to contribute to the advancement of safety, efficiency & sustainability in workplaces worldwide”.

The WEF Technology Pioneer program identifies and celebrates early-stage start-ups from all around the world involved in the development and deployment of new technologies and innovations. viAct’s selection among the prestigious Tech Pioneers serves as a testament of its transformative approach towards ensuring safer and more sustainable work environments. The recognition acknowledges the impact it has made and the potential it possesses to use its cutting-edge AI solutions to address the most pressing safety and sustainability challenges faced by the industries worldwide.


Thus, viAct’s Tech Pioneer recognition by the World Economic Forum highlights its pioneering efforts in championing workplace safety and sustainability. Leveraging its advanced technological solutions, viAct empowers companies to create safer working environments, prevent accidents and foster a culture of safety. Moreover, its commitment to sustainability underscores the importance of incorporating environmental considerations into every aspect of work operations. As a Tech Pioneer, viAct joins a selected group of groundbreaking companies that are revolutionizing industries through their innovative technologies. This recognition validates the profound impact of viAct’s “Scenario-based Vision Intelligence” solutions to transform vision into practical actions to manage man-made environments in a far smarter way than humans do!

As viAct continues to innovate and collaborate with the industry leaders, it is expected to achieve even greater strides towards the future where workplace safety and sustainability go hand-in-hand, setting new standards for the industries worldwide.


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