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viAct & OMNIX Join Forces to Boost Safety in AEC & Oil & Gas Industry across GCC Regions

Today we are thrilled to announce that viAct has entered into a strategic partnership with OMNIX International (“OMNIX”) to foster digitalization and boost safety in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) & Oil & Gas Industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

With effect to the partnership, OMNIX would become the master distributor of viAct’s products & services across GCC countries including Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Bahrain.

The Legacy of Industry Support Solutions

OMNIX International has a long-standing legacy of over 35 years as an industry-leading provider of solutions in Digital Infrastructure, Digital Transformation in AEC Industry, Computer-aided engineering, and Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Autodesk trainings and BIM Consultancy Services, in the GCC region and across the globe.

OMNIX has been guiding the AEC and Oil & Gas industry in digital transformation, training and implementation of advanced technologies by providing best-in-class digital solutions for the public and private sector across the GCC region. It has also been the value-added distributor of Autodesk and Faro solutions for the region.

“Our strategic partnership with viAct will provide an ingenious dimension for accelerating the digital transformation journey across the fast-growing Middle East region. With our team’s diverse experience and knowledge of products, solutions, and services in the region coupled with viAct’s expertise in automated monitoring powered by video analytics, the ability to digitally derive data-driven decisions in the entire workflow will be a key driver and business enabler to transform the industrial landscape, especially the AEC and Oil & Gas industry”, said Ms. Simran Bagga, Vice President, OMNIX Engineering & Foundation Technologies.

Partnership With a Cause

The AEC and Oil & Gas Industries are two of the most prominent, lucrative and at the same time critical industries. Safety concerns lurk through all the stages of the supply chain of both the industries. The very nature of these industries makes them vulnerable to workplace fatalities. In fact, the construction industry is regarded as one of “the most dangerous industries” for experiencing the highest number of workplace deaths. The oil & gas industry is no far behind. According the safety report released by the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP), there has been a 10% hike in the overall total recordable injury rate in the industry in 2021 than in 2020. Further, reports claim that as many as 10,000 migrant workers from South and South-east Asia die every year in Gulf countries. The high number of workplace fatalities not just raise questions on safety in jobsites but also hampers the productivity in the industries due to the loss of human resource.

viAct since its very inception, has been striving to make jobsites safer, efficient and sustainable. It has engaged itself in constant and rigorous R&D to develop and improve its proprietary scenario-based AI to offer smart and innovative AI solutions that leverage the power of industrial grade video analytics to cater to various safety needs of different industries like construction and oil & gas. Its various solutions that leverage the power of AI video analytics for the oil & gas industry and AEC industry for locking safety and productivity in these sectors, includes:

  • Work at Height Safety Monitoring: With AI video analytics fall from height (FFHs); slips, trips & falls (STFs); workers not wearing (proper) PPE like hard hats, safety jackets, safety ropes, etc.; workers’ improper means of climbing, and such others can be detected to ensure work at height safety.

  • Danger Zone Intrusion Detection: Through video analytics intrusion detection any instance of workers entering any danger area can be instantly detected and alerted to prevent fatalities.

  • Confined Space Work Safety Monitoring: With AI monitoring for confined space work, the AEC and oil & gas industry can monitor the confined space works in real-time and keep an eye on all aspects of safety in confined spaces.

  • Fleet Management: The AI monitoring system can facilitate fleet management by offering complete visibility of fleets like their location, working/operation hours, safety compliances by operators and the like.

Apart from these, the system of instant alerts can help stakeholders in risk anticipation and management and the intuitive dashboard enables digitization of workflow. Thus, through AI monitoring of different workplace scenarios along with the system of instant alerts and integrated dashboard, viAct can foster the safety and productivity in the AEC and Oil & Gas industry that too in a simple plug & play manner.

“This partnership with OMNIX aligns with our safety and sustainability aspirations and will take us a step closer to make our vision a reality. Together with OMNIX, we aim at setting our foot into the Middle East market to create safer, efficient and sustainable workplaces through digitization & AI technology”, said Gary Ng, Founder & CEO of viAct.

About viAct

viAct is a leading ESG-focused AI company that provides “Scenario-based Vision Intelligence” solutions for different industries like AEC, and oil & gas industry across Asia, Europe & Middle East. With hundreds of deployments since its inception in 2016, viAct’s proprietary AI algorithms have evolved successfully providing extremely granular insights in jobsites by transforming vision to practical actions. Its 30+ pre-built AI modules enable the stakeholders to reduce the number of accidents, optimize costs and track environmental non-compliances. As a 2020 Top 50 Global ConTech Startup by CEMEX Ventures & Forbes Asia 100 To Watch 2022, viAct’s disruptive AI navigation solution is one-of-a-kind approach to manage man-made environments in a far smarter way than humans do!


OMNIX International is an industry-leading provider of solutions in Digital Infrastructure, Digital Transformation in AEC Industry, Computer-aided engineering, and Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Autodesk trainings and BIM Consultancy Services, with over 35 years of experience in the GCC region and across the globe. Founded in 1987, it has been striving to realize its core objective of providing best-in-class digital solutions for the public and private sector across the GCC region. Headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, with active business presence across Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia; it has an extensive Reseller Network of VARs, SIs, Retailers, Consultants, Developers and 1500+ active end customers across multiple verticals in the Middle East.

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